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If you are new to the World of Vaping or not, we at World of Vape guarantee you to get the best possible advice and a first class service to ensure you get the vaping experience of Shisha in UK you require. Our time is spent with customers helping them through all the options available, we are 100% committed to ensuring you get the best product for your needs.

We stock a large range of E Cigarettes, Cleoromizers, atomizers, e-liquids and accessories and E Shisha in UK, ensuring we meet the needs of new and experienced users. All our atomisers and cleoromizers deliver the e juice in a totally vapour form.

If you are new to vaping and asking yourself 'What is the difference between an E cigarette and E Shisha?' 'What is a Clearomizer or Atomizer?' 'Which is the right e-cig kit for me?' 'Which e-liquid should I choose?'... Well, do not worry, please read a few facts we have compiled by visiting our Vaping Facts page for further information.

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