E-Liquid Refill Juice 10ml Bottle

E-Liquid Refill Juice 10ml Bottle

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e-Liquid for e-Shisha Giving your electronic experience a superior smoking sensation, appearance and taste.

Our e-Liquid refills are finely manufactured, tastes great and will never clog your Clearomizer.

Usage: Bottle Dropper.

This method requires that you open up the Clearomizer, add a few drops at a time into the Clearomizer until the e-Liquid reaches the max level marker for the Clearomizer. Replace the Clearomizer tip. This method takes time and patience.


No tar and other carcinogenic substance.

Harmless to others and the environment.

No danger of second-hand smoking.

Smoking in a public place.

Enable smokers to abstain from smoking.

Give up smoking in four steps.

Save on smoking costs of around 80% each year.

No ignition and no fire hazards.


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