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To be able to use the e cigarette properly and to maintain it well, World of Vape provides a wide range of e cig accessories. You can shop for these from our online store from anywhere in UK. We assure speedy delivery.

We stock only quality and branded products like Ego electronic cigarette accessories. In this range you can find everything from the charging box, to the stylish Shisha stands and even large case for holding your shisha pens.

Apart from the basic requirements we also have the e cigarette necklace holder and also small e cig cases, to choose from as per your specific requirement. World of Vape is a complete Ego electronic cigarette accessories and kits store in UK, brining you all that is required for the complete and satisfactory experience.

Please take a moment to browse through our various product lists to choose from.

E-Cig Charging Box and Case
Ego ECig Battery Power KIT for electronic Cigarettes. E CIG CASE HOLDER - Holds 2 Batterys and 3 ..
EGO Shisha Stand
New to the world of vaping? We bring to you our exclusive e cigarette stand in UK to smoothen your e..
Lanyard Necklace Holder
A Clever way to carry your Shisha Pen ..
Large EGO Case for Shisha Pen
Large Ego Case for carrying your Hookah, Shisha or electronic cigarettes. EGO Case Holder – holds..
Metal Designer E-Cig Case
Our e-cig Case that holds 2 Batterys and 2 Cartridges Slimline, convenient and stylish! ..
Small EGO Case for Shisha Pen
Small Ego Case for carrying your Hookah, shisha or electronic cigarettes. EGO Case Holder ..
USB Charger
Usb Carging cable to charge your battery's , why not leave one in the car! You can now charge you..