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The e cig battery is an essential part of the E Cigarette or E Shisha Pen, as it is the power source for the heater element within the Clearomizer or Atomizer that vapourizes the E Liquid for vaping. With the current being supplied by it, the electronic liquid converts in to the vapour form.

An ideal ego electronic cigarette battery sold in UK is one that is long lasting and user friendly. It is important that you choose the battery which not only is stylish and durable, but also gives an enhanced performance.

We have several different types of e cig batteries in many different colours and designs, so we are sure there will be one to suit your style, but most important is that you choose quality Ego e cigarette batteries in UK that have longevity like ours at World of Vape, so with our e cigarette battery in UK, you are not caught short of power when in need! 

EGO 1100 Battery
Slightly bigger but longer lasting battery power than our EGO 650 battery! ..
EGO 650 Battery
One of the Most Polpular Batteries! ..
EGO K Battery
A Stunning design to stand out from the rest. ..
EGO LED Battery
Latest EGO LED Battery with Variable Voltage adjustment ..
EGO MINI Battery
The perfect going out ecig , small enough to fit in your pocket or Purse! This is a great spare B..
EGO Q Battery
Latest EGO Q Pattern Design Battery to stand out from the crowd. A Perfect Gift and a stunning Ba..
EGO Twist Battery
EGO TWIST Battery with Variable Voltage adjustment. ..
EGO VOD Battery
A Premium EGO VOD Battery with plenty of Style in various colours ..