Vaping Facts

The real story behind the electronic cigarette?

Although the Electronic Cigarette used today was designed by a Chinese Pharmacist named Hon Lik and manufactured by Ruyan Group Limited, an inventor named Gilber actually credited when he patented something that involved replacing tobacco with heated air. Unfortunately for him, his version was never commercialized It was HonLik who designed a modern version that you see today (the model with three parts mentioned above).


In 2008, a Chinese doctor designed the common electronic type of cigarette we see today. Instead of having three separate parts, his model included the atomiser inside the cartridge/tank (these devices were named Clearomizers and Cartomizers


which is more convenient for the user. Clearomizers and Cartomizers can be refilled or disposed of.


In January 2014 Dr Hillary Jones confirmed he believed Vapeing to be a much safer alternative to smoking .. to sum the investigation up he said? if his children were to come home and say they smoked , he would be happier if they said they were smoking e cigarettes.
Also You must be eighteen (18) years of age, and possess a valid credit card to purchase our products.


Warning: Nicotine based products must be kept out of reach and sight of children. Nicotine in its raw form is considered a poison and will cause serious harm to a child if ingested. Should this happen, medical advice must be sought immediately.


What is an Atomizer or Cartomizer or Clearomizer?


Well, Atomizers, Cartomizers, and Clearomizersis the section of an e cigarette that screws ontothe battery and delivers the e-juice / e-liquid in a vapour form. They are the three major types on the market today. All three work in a similarway, heating the e-juice / e-liquid to a temperature that vaporizes it. Atomizer, Cartomizer, and Clearomizer, some people prefer one over the other with each having its own pros and cons.


What is an Atomizer?


Atomizers were one of the originals. They hold fairly small capacity of e-juice / e-liquid and are for people who prefer dripping, applying e-juice / e-liquid directly to the atomizer one drop at a time. Generally atomizers have a heating coil at the bottom with metal mesh covering the coil, but some utilise a silica wick instead of the metal mesh.

Parts of an Atomizer?


  1. Assembled Atomizer
  2. Transparent view of an Atomizer
  3. Tank
  4. Mesh
  5. Heating coil
  6. Threaded base for battery




  • Ideal for dripping, enables you can switch flavours e-juicepetty quickly
  • Simplistic design
  • Economical
  • Easy to refill




  • Continuously refilling atomizer if a heavy user
  • Some types have replaceable parts saves buying a complete replacementbut requiressome skill
  • Inability to know how much e-juice / e-liquid is remaining


What is a Clearomizer?


Clearomizers, being one of the newest and most popular devices on the market, are usually cylindrical and feature a clear plastic or glass tank. The clear tank allows you to view the level of e-juice / e-liquid inside of the Clearomizer. E-juice / e-liquid transfers to the heating coil by way of a wick. Some Clearomizers have bottom heating coil with short wicks which allows for easier wick saturation and others a top heating coil with longer wicks.




Parts of a Clearomizer


  1. Assembled Clearomizer
  2. Mouth tip
  3. Tank
  4. Wick
  5. Threaded base for battery
  6. Heating coil




  • Larger capacity tank for e-juice / e-liquid, around 1.6 – 3ml
  • Transparent tank allowing you to view the amount of e-juice inside
  • Some types have replaceable parts saves buying a complete replacement
  • Longer life span
  • Clearomizers with wicks can give a superior flavour content




  • More expensive than atomizers or Cartomizers
  • May retain flavour from previous e-juice
  • May leak depending on manufacturer and model
  • Top coil design may require you to tip Clearomizer to absorb left over e-juice


What is a Cartomizer?


Cartomizers are similar to the atomizer, the difference being that Cartomizers have polyfill wrapped around a heating coil. Polyfill soaks up e-juice / e-liquid which allows for longer vape time as opposed to shorter times with an atomizer. Some styles of Cartomizers are seated inside a larger cylindrical tank that holds a larger capacity of e-juice / e-liquid.




Parts a Cartomizer


  1. Assembled Cartomizer
  2. Transparent view of a Cartomizer
  3. Cartomizer case
  4. Polyfill
  5. Heating coil
  6. Threaded base for battery




  • Holds more e-juice / e-liquid than an atomizer
  • Lower cost
  • Easy to refill
  • Easy to assemble




  • Generally not suitable for heavy vaping.
  • Polyfill material dull the flavour of some e-juice / e-liquid
  • Previous e-juice / e-liquid flavour may still be present